European Shoe Shine Association

ESSA is the only non-profit association in Europe that has been advocating the interests of shoe shiners since 2016. ESSA members help each other so that colleagues can best meet their efforts to meet the highest standards in their daily work. As a mouthpiece for the public and for companies, we stand up for our interests effectively.

Our members are united by an old craft, a love of shoes and leather and the curiosity to be able to use the best techniques to make shoes look even better, to maintain their longevity and to please the customers. A specialty of the ESSA- Member companies are the remanufacturing of work and safety shoes. More information at

Our team

The member companies of the European Shoe Shine Association, the European Shoe Shine Association (ESSA) combine decades of knowledge about the professional treatment of shoes.

Marcello Faraggi

ESSA President

Together with several colleagues from different countries, Marcello Faraggi founded the non-profit association European Shoe Shine Association (ESSA) based in Brussels. For several years he has been involved in the training of young shoe shiners. Service and quality are always the focus of his daily work, whether in his workshop or at events not only in Belgium, but throughout Europe.

Thomas Ganick

Senior Researcher

Thomas Ganick, ESSA founding member and winner of the "Golden Brush" at the European shoe shine competition. T he famous shoe shine from the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main!
... grew up in and around Berlin. During his time in mining, he would never have dreamed that one day his passion would be professional shoe cleaning. Ganick started his own business in 2004 as a one-man company. He is also on the board of ESSA and the contact person for all special shoe care questions.

Salvatore Profetto

Repairs specialist

For more than 30 years as a shoemaker, Salvatore Profetto has dealt with a wide variety of repair tasks. Experience and know-how make him a sought-after contact person. He often has a solution ready for even the most difficult tasks. At the same time, he is always committed to high quality. Salvatore is also a member of the ESSA board.

Michele Massaro

Gaio il Calzolaio

Shoes are his passion: Michele Massaro has dedicated himself to shoe repairs. In addition, he appears again and again at events as an elegant shoe shine with a tailcoat and top hat .