Work and safety shoes (S1, S2 or S3) must be properly cared for according to the regulations of the European Union (EU REGULATION 2016/425) so that they retain their protective functions . The employer is responsible for this. The regulations for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) apply here. What is professional and inexpensive shoe care ? This website provided by the non-profit organization European Shoe Shine Association  gives some answers.

Reconditioning of work shoes

S3 work shoes before and after professional reconditioning. Video material: European Shoe Shine Association

What has happened so far?

Usually employers do not know the regulations for shoe care   in detail. Nor do they know that there are easy and inexpensive remanufacturing options. That is why they buy new work shoes for their workforce every year. What seems simple at first glance is actually an expensive "solution". Because basically still usable shoes are thrown away. That burdens the budget of the company and the environment unnecessarily.

The alternative

All over Europe there are more and more companies that instead rely on professional shoe care . You commission external service providers to do this

offer professional reprocessing. This service is carried out by several companies certified by the European Shoe Shine Association.

The advantages of reprocessing:

  1. - cheaper than buying a new one

  2. - conserves resources and is environmentally friendly

  3. - more comfort and hygiene for employees


Remanufacturing in detail

Certified by the European Shoe Shine Association companies follow a process of  refurbishing  work and safety shoes basically following this procedure:

1. Cleaning and washing

2. Disinfection to remove viruses and bacteria

3. Care and impregnation of the various shoe materials

4. Optional replacement of the insoles (for safety shoes with original insoles from the manufacturer) or with certified insoles from third-party manufacturers

Legal bases

REGULATION (EU) 2016/425 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 9 March 2016 on personal protective equipment.

Cost and price comparison

The costs for professional reconditioning vary between € 17 and € 35 per pair of shoes, depending on the workload . A survey of the shoe care companies that belong to the European Shoe Shine Association showed cost savings for employers of 20 to 30% compared to buying a new one.


High quality insoles to exchange with certification

The manufacturer Sib.Tre. Has had high-quality "Safety & Comfort" insoles made of leather and interchangeable fabric for work shoes certified by a recognized, independent laboratory in accordance with ISO standards EN 20344/2011 and 20345/2011.